Beverly Agwaife.

Whatever you put your mind to achieve, you can achieve.

From my soda, fast food and cheese addiction I had to learn all over again how to eat. Through many failed attempts I finally started using my resources.  My best friend - who has a PhD in nutrition, assisted in preparing meal plans for me. I also transitioned to working from home so I spent at least 40+ work hours at home which substantially helped change my bad food choices. I began meal prepping and researching the cause of fat and cravings, carrying water jugs everywhere, going to the gym, walking mostly in the morning and at night, downloading water-reminder apps, finding soda alternatives (i.e. crystal lite, lemon water, green tea), buying a treadmill, etc.  My weight slowly started to decrease. With the help of my cousin, personal trainers like Deji and tailored meal plans, I've been able to make progress on this journey. I've tried many shortcuts and it's the main reason it's taken so long to get to my goal but I'm still trying and luckily have an enormous amount of support from friends and family to help me keep pushing.

Ashley Essien

Whatever you do, don’t stop – Keep Going

Deji was someone I came in contact with through a Friend. I’d like to say we started our fitness journey around the same time but I could be saying that just to make myself feel better. I would post pictures on Instagram about my weight loss journey and he would say something encouraging on the posts. It’s things like that that kept me going. I was slowly meeting my goals at my own pace and to have people that constantly encouraged me and gave me good advice, I’ll always be so thankful for.

Having people in your circle to cheer you on, even if it’s a little bit of progress, is so important. Surround yourself with people who are on board with what you’re doing. He also reminded me about exercises I could do whenever I got bored or tired of doing the same thing. He recommended HIIT exercises as well as weight training (which I realized quickly was so essential to working out). So I have to shout my good friend Deji for having my back throughout the process and always giving advice.


Roseline Ekiotenne

Impossible is nothing

It was only a few weeks to my Son’s birthday. I woke up every day to the disappointment that I wouldn’t be able to fit into my birthday dress. I got different advice on short cut methods that could help but I was wary of the long term repercussions especially as I just had my first child.  It then dawned on me that I could get help from a certified fitness trainer. I contacted Deji. He told me fitness wasn’t a “quick fix” and that I should develop a healthy lifestyle. In my mind, all I was thinking of was fitting into my birthday dress. We started intensive training and I would follow some of his routines at home. He helped with suggesting healthy food choices too. I decided I wasn’t going to keep tabs on my progress so that I wouldn’t be put off. My Son’s birthday arrived and to my greatest surprise I checked my weight and realized I had lost a considerable amount of weight and I was able to fit into my dress albeit with a little alteration from the tailor. I take my health and fitness seriously now.


Tunde Ogunsakin

If I could, you can too

I was a slave to junk food, processed food and a high fat diet. I wanted change but I wasn’t disciplined enough - I procrastinated a lot too. Once I became consistent, it took me about 4 months to start seeing substantial changes. I avoided checking my weight on the scale because I knew I may feel deflated. I wasn’t deterred - the journey was long for me, it was all or nothing. I began to feel so much better with myself , not just with me weight but with my overall well-being. I had to work on my self-esteem by watching motivational videos. Gradually, I became much more positive. I knew that once things were fixed on the inside that I would see it on the outside. At the start, it obviously seemed very difficult. On so many occasions, I wanted to throw in the towel but by surrounding myself with like-minded individuals, I was able to draw strength and motivation to keep pushing. Importantly, I had a goal which is still a goal because I am a work in progress but I am so much closer than when I started. The key is to incorporate small achievable or mini goals and over time, it will all add up.

A big thanks to Fitbloomer for my personalized eating and training plan, my weight has been decreasing steadily since I made that one big decision to change my lifestyle. You can do it too.